Buy Sets

Our premium Gins are also available in attractive Gin Sets. The Gin & Tonic Sets consist of a bottle of Gin and its matching Tonic Water. The Gin Theme Sets consist of thematically bundled articles. Therefore they make Gin shopping a very convenient thing.

Gin Sets, which one should I buy?

Our Gin & Tonic recommendation is the Lucky HANS Gin & Tonic Set. Lucky HANS is a fruity Gin from Bavaria, together with a bottle of Thomas Henry Tonic Water from Berlin you will get a very refreshing Gin & Tonic. We love this combination. An excellent themed Gin Set is the Gin Mule Set with Ginger Beer. It includes all the articles you need to mix delicious Gin Mules. The set includes iconic copper mugs from ALANDIA Barware. You might know them already from the drink Moscow Mules, a Mule made with Vodka instead of Gin.