Gin Tonic Glass "Noblesse" Highball

For a perfect Gin & Tonic you need the perfect glass. The eye-catching crystal glass "Noblesse" Highball combines premium quality with premium design.
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For a perfect Gin & Tonic you need the perfect Gin & Tonic glass. The eye-catching glass "Noblesse" Highball combines premium quality with premium design. It is made out of high quality crystal glass and is carefully manufactured by a German glass manufacturer with a tradition of more than 175 years. The diameter is large enough to easily fill in ice cubes and the size is optimized for one Gin Tonic. It is dishwasher safe, so you can easily clean it with your everyday tableware. Overall this is the perfect G&T glass!


The right Gin & Tonic glass plus the right amount of ice:

Some people wonder, why their homemade Gin & Tonics do not taste as good as in a bar. So what's the secret..? Besides the right glass for Gin & Tonic one influencing factor is the amount of ice cubes that are used to prepare the rink. At home we tend to use less ice cubes, because we think they will dilute the drink. But the opposite is true: The more ice you have in your glass, the cooler is your drink and therefore the slower is the melt of the cubes. So next time you mix your Gin & Tonic add as much ice as they do in a bar and you will see, your drinks taste better!


Details of the Gin Glass:

> Capacity: 370 ml / 12.51 fl.oz.

> Height: 14,6 cm / 5.7 inches

> Weight: 320 gr / 0.7 lbs

> Material: Crystal glass

> Made in Germany


Mandatory Information

Country of Origin: Germany
Height: 14.6 cm / 5.7 inches
Volume: 370 ml / 12.5 oz
Quality: Crystal Glass


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