Gin & Tonic Recipes: The perfect serve

Dear Gin & Tonic enthusiast!

What does a Gin & Tonic drinker and a surfer have in common? Both are searching for the perfect serve / surf. What sounds funny is meant seriously. Not every Gin works well with every Tonic Water and not every Gin should be drunk with lemon or a slice of cucumber. With our Gin & Tonic recipe card we want to help you find your "Perfect Serve”. With these combinations we have achieved very good results!


Tonic Water for our Gin Tonic Recipes:

We concentrate on two Tonic Waters. Tastewise they are pretty different from each other and therefore they can support the individual profile of your Gin & Tonic. (1.) The mild, citrusy Gents, and (2.) the more bitter, classic Thomas Henry Tonic Water. These two Tonic Waters can be ordered at our store. In regard to the garnishes we recommend only such, that you can easily get in your local supermarket. Because the Gin & Tonic preparation should not be too complicated. All drinks need of course plenty of ice. We recommend using rather more ice than less. Because if your glass is filled with more ice cubes, your drinks stays cooler longer and the cubes melt slower. This means it is not watered down. That’s it with the introduction; we wish you fun and pleasure with our Gin & Tonic recipes!


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