FAQ about Gin and Gin-Kingdom


Questions about Gin in general:

What is Gin made from?
Gin is made from alcohol of agricultural origin that is redistilled with various botanicals, predominantly juniper.


How does Gin taste like?
Per EC regulation authentic Gin has to have a dominant flavor of juniper berries. The individual taste profile of Gin is created by various ingredients called “botanicals”. Famous ones are coriander seeds, angelica roots, lemon- and orange peel and nutmeg.

How do you drink Gin?
Normally you do not drink Gin neat, as juniper has a slightly bitter taste. The most famous mixer is Tonic Water as in a Gin & Tonic and of course, the vermouth in a Martini. Adding lime cordial makes a “Gimlet”.

Which different styles of Gin exist?
Generally you can differentiate between five different styles. The most popular style by far is the Dry or London Dry Gin. This style is a benchmark of quality in the Gin world. London Dry Gins tend to be very aromatic and flowerly, they are called “Dry” as no sugar is added. Old Tom Gin is a sweeter style of Gin. It is essentially derived by adding a two to three percent sugar solution to the distillate. Old Tom Gin was generally the variety of choice during the 18th and 19th century. It is often described as the missing link between the Dutch Genever and London Dry. Plymouth Gin is a full bodied, slightly fruity and also aromatic style of gin. This Gin was originally pioneered on the English Channel in the port of Plymouth. Today only one producer in Plymouth, Coates & Co., still fabricates a Plymouth Gin. Sloe Gin, another style of Gin, is actually a liqueur. The traditional way of making Sloe Gin is to soak wild sloes in Gin. Sugar is required to ensure the sloe juice is extracted from the fruit. Especially nowadays, many producers are experimenting with new and innovative botanical combinations that deviate slightly from the traditional formulas. These Gins are called New Western Dry Gins.

How did Gin get its name?
The English word “Gin” is derived from the Dutch word “Genever” meaning juniper. The pronunciation of Genever was too complicated for the British, therefore they gave the spirit the easier name “Gin”. Life can be so simple.

Who invented Gin?
It was the Dutch doctor François de la Boe who distilled juniper berries for medical purposes back in the 17th century (not the British). He gave this drink the name “Genever”, meaning juniper. Juniper must still be the most prominent flavour in Gin under EC regulations.

What does “Dry” mean?
It means no sugar added to the recipe. This is a reference from the old days when the most popular Gin was “Old Tom” which was sweetened with sugar. Dry Gin was so named to distinguish it from the sweet version. London Dry Gin is a particular style and quality of Gin (no sugar added, no artificial additives, all herbs have to be distilled in one pot) and is now the most famous type of premium Gin.

Why do we associate Britain with Gin?
King William III, a Dutchman who came to the English throne in 1689, encouraged the drinking of Gin and was responsible for it becoming a fashionable drink in England. In the 18th century many Gin distilleries were located in England. Gin was also heavily consumed in British Colonies.

Is it true that Gin was used as an anti-malarial compound?
Almost. In the nineteenth century, British troops in colonial India - a mosquito-laden tropical climate - used quinine as an anti malarial compound. Quinine was dissolved in carbonated water to form tonic water and Gin was added to mask the bitter flavor of quinine. The resulting mix became the origin of today's popular Gin and Tonic combination, although modern Tonic Water contains only a trace of quinine as a flavouring.  

Does “LondonDry Gin” mean that the Gin is made in London, England?
No. London Dry Gin is a style of Gin and not a geographical description.

Which one is the "best" Gin?
This is a hard question, but one we are asked a lot of times. Taste is a very subjective impression, therefore we can not receommend the "best" Gin. But we can say from our experiences, which Gins are generally preferred by certain people. Woman like sweeter Gins, with a less powerful taste profile. Brands that fall under this category are for example Geranium Gin. Men often prefer Gins with a significant botanical profile. Six Ravens, Monkey 47 and Ferdinands Gin are typical representatives.  



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