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But who is Gin-Kingdom actually...?

First of all we are Ginlovers and want to offer you with our shop access to some of the finest Gins available on the market. Moreover we are experts in the field of Absinthe, the spirit that made life a bit greener back in the 19th century. Unfortunately Absinthe got prohibited by the beginning of the 20th century. It was the result of general societal problems with alcohol consumption during that time and a campaign of the French Wine and Cognac industry who feared competition. But, and this is the good thing, Absinthe got legalized again in 1998. In 2001, soon after re-legalization, we founded the company ALANDIA and started to produce and distribute Absinthe through our webstore. Now we write the year 2015 and ALANDIA is the company behind this store; Gin-Kingdom.

You might ask yourself why does ALANDIA start to be active in the field of Gin? The answer is that both spirits, Absinthe and Gin, have a lot in common. Both were once in its history prohibited and created euphoria in society. Also the production process of these historical spirits is quite related. They are distilled with various herbs and spices. Absinthe is primarily based on wormwood, Gin on juniper. All botanicals are macerated in high proof alcohol and are then redistilled to set free its essential oils. And as these two products have so much in common we at ALANDIA were always interested in these soulmates. So interested, that we also started to produce our very own Gin, Six Ravens London Dry Gin, and our very own shop, Gin-Kingdom!

At Gin-Kingdom we concentrate on a small but exclusive selection of Gin. Quality instead of quantity is our overall approach. We think, that offering every Gin existing on the market would overburden you, the consumer. It is more helpful to present some selected brands which help you to build a sensual knowledge. This knowledge is then the fundament for future degustation and helps you to detect different qualities and herbal compositions. All the Gins we offer were tested by ourselves. Besides the quality aspect we also investigate the history behind each Gin. As culturally interested people, we are looking for individual products, that fascinate as well through their identities. Be it the founder story, the distillery or the country of origin of the Gin. For every Gin you will find this kind of information in the product description. You will also find some selected Gin Accessories in our shop, because we want to celebrate the ritual of drinking Gin.

Our general mission is to raise your interest level for the fascinating spirit “Gin”. We want to be your partner, providing you with the right products and information. Our experience of being in the spirit online business for more than 14 years helps us to fulfill our objectives. We want to make it easy and convenient for you to order Gin online. Therefore we are focusing on up to date shop software and the competence of reliable partners. For payments we use the world leaders Worldpay and PayPal and shipping is done via DHL and UPS. We guarantee that you will get your order safe and sound. If anything unexpected happens, for example breakage, loss or custom problems, we will refund or reship, whatever you prefer. That is our trusted Gin-Kingdom Delivery Guarantee. If there should be anything else you are dissatisfied with, please let us know. We are there for you and will get it sorted out. Promised!

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Mike and Matthias from Gin-Kingdom


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