Craft Gin from Bavaria!

Craft Gin from Bavaria!

Lucky HANS Gin made with apple & pear.

The best Gin

The best Gin

Because life is too short to drink bad Gin!

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Life is too short to drink bad Gin. That is why we at Gin-Kingdom concentrate on an exclusive selection of the best Gins. In comparison to other spirits like Vodka or Rum, Gin is made out of various ingredients, the so called botanicals. This qualifies Gin as a very special spirit. Depending on the individual botanical composition an enormous variety of taste can be created. Vodka in comparison, only uses grain or potatoes as a base. Additionally Vodka is often five to seven times distilled to create "complete purity", you can also say boredom. Gin is different. Although all Gins have to have a predominant taste of juniper, a bunch of aromas are offered by the various other botanicals used for distillation. At Gin-Kingdom you will find some of the best Gins available on the market. We sample these Gins personally and then decide, if they are added to our selection. Quality beats quantity, this is the credo of our Gin store.

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Which Gin shall I buy?

Most of the Gins we offer for sale are craft Gins made by small-batch distilleries. Besides being of superior quality these Gins quite often have a unique story to tell. In the following we list a few craft Gins which all have passed our quality control and which we regard as some of the best Gins on the market. Monkey 47 Dry Gin is distilled by the Black Forest Distillers in the German Black Forest region. Monkey 47 makes use of local ingredients like fir needles and cranberries. The recipe itself was developed by a former British sergeant who lived in the Black Forest after the war. Monkey 47 was one of the first brands to start the craft Gin movement and is now an all-time classic. Lucky HANS Gin is a relatively new Dry Gin from Bavaria. It is is exclusively distilled with botanicals native to Germany. Pear and apple are in the foreground which make Lucky HANS quite fruity from its taste. Another specialty is Six Ravens London Dry Gin, which is distilled with fresh ginger roots. This craft Gin tastes fresh and spicy and goes well with Tonic Water and a lemon zest as a garnish. Besides these small-batch Gins you can also buy Premium Tonic Water in our Gin shop. We offer for example the Swiss Tonic Water Gents and the German Tonic Thomas Henry from Berlin for sale. Of course we also stock some exclusive barware like beautiful Gin Glasses and copper Accessories like premium Copper Mugs or copper-plated metal drinking straws. You will see, the world of premium Gin has a lot to offer. Take your time and enjoy your visit here at Gin-Kingdom.

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How to make the best Gin Tonic:

Did you ever wonder why a Gin & Tonic tastes better in a bar than if you make it at home? Well, the answer is simple: They use more ice! Let us explain: Many people tend to use less ice at home for mixing their Gin Tonic, because they are afraid of watering it down. But exactly the opposite is the case. The more ice cubes you use, the slower the ice cubes will melt and the tastier is your Gin & Tonic. Especially if you use XXL-ice cubes for your drinks, which melt even slower. Therefore, use more ice cubes and your Gin Tonic will taste like in the bar!

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